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Why did I start this blog? Around last year April 2020, the alleged fateful year, I landed on something powerful that has proved to change my life. Our country has never had proper lockdowns but we’ve implemented cessation of movement measures between counties, no intercounty movements in short. With this new rule, I couldn’t travel…More

Day 2

So I just got started on here a day ago, this is my second post. Can’t say I have it all figured out yet. I just threw myself out there into the world. It’s definitely a bumpy start, to say the least. After coming up with the best name I could have ever wanted on…More

Day 1

I’m new here, clearly. I don’t know what will become of this but I need to do it either way. Why? I’ve always loved keeping memories. I like documenting them because I enjoy looking back and being able to relive the moments fully with the emotions. It’s like watching yourself in the 3rd person perspective.…More

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